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This laboratory blend of terpenes offer clarity and focus as well as work to enhance the isolated cannabinoid- Cannabidiol. The activation of CB2 receptors by caryophyllene gives this terpene neuroprotectant capabilities. There are many studies being conducted on Caryophyllene’s ability to fight deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s Disease. (1)
Limonene is a naturally occurring terpene produced by plants to ward off predators. Cannabis strains high in limonene are known for an energetic, uplifting high that can elevate mood. If you’ve ever taken a walk through the woods to clear your mind, the terpene offering that refreshing pine scent is Pinene. This terpene’s presence in cannabis strains with pinene offer a more clear headed, creative euphoria. Pinene appears to improve cognitive function while lessening the effects of THC.

(1) β-Caryophyllene Ameliorates the Alzheimer-Like Phenotype in APP/PS1 Mice through CB2 Receptor Activation and the PPARγ Pathway


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