GWH Lifter Indoor Midgrade Flower 3.5g (George Washington Hemp)


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CBD-A 18.91%
CBG-A .29%
CBG .14%
CBD .32%
Delta-9 THC .08%

GWH- Lifter Indoor Midgrade Flower
Lifter is a staple in the hemp flower world, being one of the first highly sought after genetics with high CBD. Users can expect a gentle cerebral focus and energy with an ongoing body relaxation that removes aches and pains. Lifter brings with it flavors of sweet funk and lemon and is a great strain for day or night.

Lifter is a very mellow strain of hemp. Descended from Special Sauce and the Haze family. It has larger, dense buds, covered in Gold, orange, and red hairs. This strain produces a great frost due to its high trichome levels. Its overall color can be very fluorescent green, to a darker, forest green. This strains is a very pungent skunk, with subtle hints of sweet and tart berry. The taste is light and sweet, a very nice change for this class. Lifter is said to be named in homage to the famous heirloom tomato, Mortgage Lifter. But make no mistake, this strain will elevate you. It averages mid to upper


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